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Guten Tag, my name is Jason!

Jason Beaird

I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? Eep. Eep. I'm not really a monkey, I just play one on the internet. In real life, I'm a web designeloper. Here on my personal site, I tend to sidestep all things professional for more trivial faire. When I do write or speak about what I actually do for a living, I tend to do so elsewhere. Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions, or use that frighteningly descriptive hyperlink below to learn more.

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Absolutely Scrumdidilyumptious

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design - 2nd Edition

If you are squeamish about choosing colors, feel uninspired by a blank browser window, or get lost trying to choose the right font, then you should check out my book.


See Life Through My Eyes

  • At Downtown UX tonight, @uxwes is talking about how to advocate for user experience within an organization.
  • Adelyn went to a classmate’s birthday party, so Mavrie and I ventured out to find a clever new geocache in our neighborhood.
  • Watching the #royalwedding this morning with my two princesses.
  • Theme parkin’ ain’t easy.
  • Just a typical weekend at home.
  • Learning about the UX Engineer role at Google from Kelly Knight and Munish Dabas and the types of projects they work on. #frontendconf #fedc18
  • The ability to tell compelling stories is one of the most important skills a designer can have and @samanthatoy is a master storyteller. #frontendconf #fedc18
  • During the last couple #fedc talks I got to observe @giodif’s drawing process. By the break, three new illustrations were live on :hushed:
  • Much of the wisdom that @robert.harr is sharing about how Sparkbox manages the discovery process w/ clients applies to building within an internal product team as well. #frontendconf #fedc
  • ‪Still intimidated by RWD? I’m completely blown away by @ronedelen’s exploration of the intricacies and complexity of designing UX for VR & augmented reality. #frontendconf ‬
  • Had the pleasure of seeing @minamarkham speak here at #frontendconf in 2014, so it was incredible to hear the story of how that talk led to her position on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the creation of the Pantsuit design system.
  • The one and only @dandenney, inspiring all of us with stories from the first TEN years of Front End Design Conference.
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