The Curious Case of Jason E. Beaird

Me at SxSWi 2007 Hi there. My name is Jason and I’m a user experience designer and front-end developer in Atlanta, GA. “Developer? But didn’t you write a design book?” I ask myself that question now and then. Although I do identify myself as more designer than developer, I enjoy the challenges of tinkering with code just as much as pushing pixels in Photoshop. In short, I <3 the web and all the little bits and bytes that go into making it fly.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design…and another one in Digital Media. Since then, I’ve worked as a web designer for a variety of different employers, but have always enjoyed wearing multiple hats.

Behind every good artist…

Ames and I were married happily ever after on July 19th, 2003. That however, is neither the end nor the beginning of our story. I’ve known and been good friends with Ames since high school. Even though I was a grade ahead of her we had a lot of mutual friends, we hung out together sometimes at lunch, and had lockers in the same hall my senior year. The thing I remember best about Amy from those days was her organization. She had almost straight A’s, was good at getting people together, and had EVERYTHING written out in her planner. In a last ditch effort to add some of that organization to my life before leaving for college, I actually borrowed her planner for a day so I could figure out just how she did it all.

Amy and I in Puerto Rico

We never did date in high school, we were just friends. Unlike many of my other high school friends though, we actually stayed in touch. Whenever I would come back to Vero during my first year at UCF, she would make sure something fun was going on. I think people started getting suspicious when I took her to her senior prom, but at that point, we really were just friends. She was (and still is) a country music fan, so one day I suggested that she get some of our friends to get together and drive up to 8 Seconds in Orlando for dinner and line dancing. She had a carload of people who said they would go, but at the last minute everyone bailed. She ended up coming up on her own, I took her out to dinner at Don Pablos, we danced, we kissed – and we didn’t even talk about it till the next day. That was our first “date” and the rest is history.

Amy is still the most organized and logical person I know. In the Fall of 2004, she got her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida, and defended her PhD thesis at the University of South Carolina in Summer of 2010 to officially become Dr. Amy Beaird. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world having her as my wife. She makes me a better person than I would be without her…even though I still couldn’t use a day planner to save my life.

What is this place? How did I get here? started as an ugly, static, table-based site hosted on the “Pegasus” student servers at UCF back in 2002. Although I had created other personal sites before it, this site was to serve 3 purposes: a journal, an online portfolio of design work and an experimental sandbox for web design. While it has gone through a lot of incremental changes, it’s purpose remains the same.

As always, this site is presented in standards-compliant HTML and CSS. The fluid grid layout you see here is based on Kyle Neath’s Hemmingway WordPress theme. The header and background textures are inspired or directly scanned from an old book of postcards from the 1900s. I’ve used jQuery for some whizbang here and there, but everything should be completely functional without any of that client-side tomfoolery.

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The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design - 2nd Edition

If you are squeamish about choosing colors, feel uninspired by a blank browser window, or get lost trying to choose the right font, then you should check out my book.


See Life Through My Eyes

  • I’ve been working from our new place for months but realized while unpacking the late lunch @bakecaker brought me (Thanks Ames!) that this is my first time eating in our new kitchen. We’re planning to move over the essentials and start sleeping here by Sa
  • Of all the amazing experiences we’ve had in Okinawa, quiet moments like this are why we made the trip.
  • Merry Christmas Eve Eve! :christmas_tree:
  • Well, that was an experience. We survived a shopping trip to MEGA Don Quijote.
  • Spent our first morning in Okinawa exploring Toguchi Beach.
  • Hello from Tokyo. This nap didn’t last long but despite being completely delirious, the girls have been really good. One more flight to go till Okinawa, and sleep.
  • All set for our Christmas trip to Okinawa. :christmas_tree: Mad props to @bakecaker for making our packing list and checking it twice. Now to find out how naughty or nice our kids will be when we wake them up at 4:30 to head to MCO.
  • No-shave November is over. Also, this is why I can’t mustache.
  • So proud of our aspiring artist, maker, inventor, creator. She worked hard and learned a lot today.
  • Good morning, Knightro!
  •  :dragon: :sparkling_heart:
  • Looking forward to running the UCF 5mile tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I finished. #ChargeOn
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