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Other Upcoming Speaking Engagements

On stage at the 2007 Webmaster Jam SessionMy wife and I are expecting our first baby in March and have a new house that needs a lot of work before the baby arrives so I’m not currently taking on any new speaking engagements. I really love getting up in front of people and talking about what I do, so I’m sure I’ll be looking for speaking opportunities again in the near future. (For some reason every parent I know laughs when I say that.)

If you’re looking for someone to fill a presentation slot at your upcoming web conference or workshop, please let me know.
I’m excited about SXSWi this year. I won’t be speaking, but I’ve been given the opportunity to curate a series of talks about web design as a part of a new workshops concept at this year’s conference. Read about it on the blog.
One of the biggest things I’ve learned from the speaking opportunities that I’ve had so far is that I love speaking to other people who love the web. So if you’re looking for someone to fill a presentation slot at your upcoming web conference or workshop, please let me know.

“Design Pattern Craftsmanship” at Etsy

Book Reviews

I’m extremely humbled by the sheer volume of positive reviews that have been posted about my book. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  1. Freelance Switch
  2. Notes on Design
  3. 465 Berea St
  4. Maratz.com
  5. Nate Klaiber
  6. Slashdot
  7. Ask Manny Hernandez
  8. Monday by Noon
  9. Technology for Humans
  10. Blog Critics

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Absolutely Scrumdidilyumptious

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design - 2nd Edition

If you are squeamish about choosing colors, feel uninspired by a blank browser window, or get lost trying to choose the right font, then you should check out my book.


See Life Through My Eyes

  • Hi, Croy! At DowntownUX this month, @croybosch is talking about choosing the next right thing.
  • Went guitar shopping with the girls without buying or breaking any instruments. :trophy:
  • So far this morning I’ve been sent to Starbucks for an hour, blindfolded, confettied, and fed a delicious pancake breakfast. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Looking forward to new adventures but I’m sure gonna miss working with my PowerDMS peeps.
  • Epcot: June, 1990 Epcot: June, 2018
  • Mav loves her Honeybell. :heart_eyes::cat2:
  • Just dropped Adelyn off for her last day of Kindergarten. Can’t believe it.
  • At Downtown UX tonight, @uxwes is talking about how to advocate for user experience within an organization. https://ift.tt/2IFubrm
  • Adelyn went to a classmate’s birthday party, so Mavrie and I ventured out to find a clever new geocache in our neighborhood.
  • Watching the #royalwedding this morning with my two princesses.
  • Theme parkin’ ain’t easy.
  • Just a typical weekend at home.
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